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General issues

1. What is the e-commerce platform How is it beneficial for me as a buyer or a supplier? is an online platform that features goods and services from different companies from a variety of countries. This marketplace is ready to use. Companies do not need to create their own website – just fill in information about the company and its goods/services. From suppliers’ perspective, one of the main advantages of registering at the platform is a direct access to the platform’s audience. Particularly, our marketplace cultivates trust and credibility so companies of the platform automatically receive the benefit of the public goodwill. As for buyers, the platform is convenient as they can easily compare goods and services at one place, learn about new brands and their assortment, and choose the best option.
2. I would like to showcase my goods and services at the platform. How can I do that?
If you want to showcase your goods and services at the platform, you need to register online. The registration at the platform is free and takes a couple of minutes. To activate your account, you should confirm your email address, fill in information about your company and goods/services. If you would like to receive the status of “Checked company” at our marketplace, please provide us with your registration and tax number.
3. What is the cost of displaying goods and services at the platform?
Registration and displaying goods and services at the platform is free. To increase the visibility of your company and better promote your goods and services, we recommend to use one of our paid plans. You may find more on information on Tariff plans page.
4. Which goods and services and in what quantity can I showcase at the platform?
Our platform allows displaying any types of goods and services not prohibited by the existing Russian Federation legislation. Please do not worry if you do not see goods or services of your category in the catalogue at the platform – we will create it especially for you. There is no quantity limitation of the goods/services a company can showcase at our marketplace.
5. How to buy a good/service at our platform?
If you want to buy a good/service at our platform, you should contact the supplier. In order to do it, you should be registered at the platform. After the registration you can contact any supplier using the convenient chatroom of the marketplace when clicking “Contact supplier” at the product page or at the page of the company.
6. Can I contact a supplier without registering at the platform?
No, to contact any supplier, you need to register at the platform. It will take only a couple of minutes.
7. How do I find suppliers for a specific good or service?
To find a supplier for a specific product or service you can try using the search box at our platform. To make the search easier, you can also leave a request via the special form on the home page. The relevant supplier will be able to see your request and contact you.
8. How does the multilingual chat work?
In our multilingual chat you can type in any of the 11 languages (Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Turkish, German). Your message will be automatically translated to the language spoken by the supplier or buyer. You will see their answers in the language which you set as your primary language of communication at the platform.
9. What can I do to attract more buyers and increase sales using the platform?
If you want to attract more buyers to your company’s page and make your goods and services stand out from your competitors, we recommend to fill in the information about the company and the assortment as fully as possible. Do you have an interesting story behind the creation of the company? Any special characteristics of your good/service? Important initiatives your company is proud of? Tell this to buyers! The better quality of your images and description, the more chances you have to spark interest from buyers. To promote your company and its goods/services more effectively, you may also use one of our paid plans.
10. How can Global Rus Trade experts may assist me?
Our experts are glad to answer any questions regarding the registration at the platform and its use. We are also here to provide any recommendations connected with choosing services regarding export and import (certifications, logistics services, document translation, customs processing, etc.).