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LLC 'Len Zauralya'

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Company description

The history of the state unitary enterprise “Flax Zauralye” began in 2000. A little later, the company fell into the federal program "Development of flax."
Since then, a lot has been done here: a flax factory was built, four workshops operate, which produce eleven product items: from linseed oil and flour to fuel briquettes, flax fiber and knitwear.
The number of products here is in step with quality. This is justifiably deserved awards: in 2009 Flax Zauralye won in one of the nominations of the interregional competition “Best Products and Services of Siberia - GEMMA”, for knitwear, in the same year received the “National Quality” mark, and in April 2009 - won the right to mark butter and flour with the “Zauralsk quality” sign.
By itself, the processing of flax is unique: you can use not only flax stalks, but also seeds. By the way, the packaging of purified seeds was taken up relatively recently. But everything is in order. In 2008, a workshop for processing flax seed into oil and cake was opened. In the production of oil using the method of cold pressing. This means that the output temperature of the oil does not exceed 45 degrees. Due to this, all its useful properties are preserved.
In small quantities, linseed oil is used for the prevention of various diseases - from metabolic disorders to the pathology of the heart and blood vessels - they drink on an empty stomach or are added to salads.
But this is only one of the stages of processing. Further, the oil is divided into technical and food. Last some time is in the sumps, then filtered, bottled and formed in the package. Technical oil is bought by manufacturers of drying oil. As for the cake, it is acquired not only by the population, but also by farmers, because it is a good feed for livestock and fish, especially in winter.
Making flour is a fascinating, but fast process: crushing the cake to the desired consistency occurs in an instant. The case remains for small - sort the flour in 200-gram jars. By the way, flax flour is perfectly absorbed by the body and is recommended as a dietary and therapeutic product.
No less interesting stages of production - flax plant and a workshop for the manufacture of flax fiber. Back in 2004, the company "Flax Zauralye" started processing flax trusts into short fiber, which is not only reliable, but also an environmentally friendly insulation for houses, because flax has high antibacterial properties. More recently, the production of pots for seedlings has opened. They make them from cardboard and flax fires. Therefore, these pots are well decomposed in the soil and serve as fertilizer. And also from fires make fuel briquettes.
In addition to all the above, the company is engaged in the production of knitwear. This happened after the reorganization of the spinning and knitting factory "Juno". Now work areas of knitting, dyeing and sewing. In the knitting shop there are about a dozen German-made circular knitting machines. Around each of them skeins of thread are impaled on special needles. When turned on, the shaft of the machine begins to rotate rapidly, spinning the spools of thread and forming a harsh, that is, not dyed, canvas, which then goes to dyeing and printing. So on the white canvas appears picture. Then seamstresses get down to business.
In the same shop and sock machines are located. It is on them knit socks.
They do not intend to stop at the achievements in the state unitary enterprise “Flax Zauralye”. In the near future it is planned to open the production of flax porridge with different berry-vegetable flavors.
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Курганская область, Курган, 640014, Промышленная 33
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