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Meridian 2000

Working on the platform GRT
3 years 2 months
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Company description

The production cooperative "Meridian 2000" is one of the organizers of the People's Art University.
In the structure of the university, it constitutes its production sector, which carries out the entire production cycle - from the manufacture of wooden blanks for painting to the final artistic production: decorative and applied products and painting.
PC "Meridian 2000" also carries out a wide sponsor support of the National Art University.
The People's Art University is the only institution in the world that combines educational, industrial, scientific and educational activities in the field of fine arts.
Our accelerated programs and various forms of full-time and correspondence education have made it possible for anyone over the age of 16 to learn basic types of fine arts:
- academic drawing
- Academic Painting
- traditional painting on wood, icon painting
and also to study the theory and history of fine arts.
We know well what to teach. This is because our teaching practice is closely related to the actual production of art products. In the conditions of cost-effective production, our students improve their art, and with them experienced and highly qualified artists create interesting and diverse works. The good aesthetic and spiritual qualities of these works were appreciated in the world at the highest level. Here you will learn about the possibility of rapid learning of academic drawing and painting, painting on wood, learn to correctly understand the works of fine art of all eras and directions. Some people will be able to become professional artists, others, while continuing their normal activities, will be able to discover the countless images of the surrounding world, to learn more this world and themselves in this world. Why is the graphic literacy today so necessary for everyone, including even scientists, professionals, leaders or astronauts, written on the pages of the Mission of Art. The university unites educational, methodical, scientific work with industrial and educational activities. On the Opportunities page of the University, we write about areas of society where we can effectively use the results of our work.
Today the People's Art University is Russia's largest innovation project in the field of culture, unique in its content and significance. It was created for the entire population of the country - from the most unhappy to the most prosperous social groups. The whole life of a person, beginning already from the prenatal period to the most advanced years, can be illuminated by the light of Beauty and feed on its life-giving forces, see the Mission of the University.
The main body of the media, which regularly publishes the basic materials of the University, is the scientific and analytical journal "Personality and Culture".
The People's Art University was created with the participation of a large circle of Petersburg intelligentsia, including such outstanding representatives as D.S. Likhachev, E.E. Moiseenko, MK, Anikushin. More than 15 years, we accumulated the necessary experience. During this time we have trained about 4,000 people, conducted important scientific research, established close contacts with highly qualified specialists from leading museums, scientific and educational institutions, see History of creation.
Practical and theoretical experience of the University allows to create products of high artistic and spiritual level.
Our methods combine professional knowledge of art with fundamental knowledge about the world and about man. This not only makes them particularly effective, but also opens new opportunities for the development and self-realization of the individual. We believe that this leads to the formation of a new cultural stratum of Russian society. This culture is enriched by the experience of mankind and its higher values. Such a culture is most in line with the future glory of Russia.
The work of the University is aimed at the realization of universal visual literacy, which, in its historic significance, is approaching the significance of the mission of the great Russian enlighteners Cyril and Methodius.
Our training programs are aimed not only at mastering professional knowledge. For us it is important that a person reflects the real world, feeling his unity with him, imbued with the meaning of his harmony and greatness.
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Санкт-Петербург, 191187, Соляной переулок 7
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