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Working on the platform GRT
5 years 4 months
Communication languages
Russian , English
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Company description

Kostroma shipyard - a new type of enterprise, which has its own history and high positive results of many years of work. A team of professionals, innovative technologies, high-quality materials, a competitive pricing policy - all this makes cooperation with us mutually beneficial and promising.
"Kostroma Shipyard and Shipyard" appeared in 1930 as "Shipyard named. Komsomolskaya Pravda ", located in the confluence of the rivers Kostroma and Volga. In 1931, the laying of the first rack-mount non-self-propelled vessels - landing stages, barges with a carrying capacity of up to 2,800 tons began.
Now the company is releasing
* floating base for servicing the passenger fleet,
* floating workshop for the repair of hydrofoil vessels
* large-tonnage barges with carrying capacity from 1000 to 5000 tons
* pusher tugs
* oil tankers of mixed river-sea navigation, with a payload capacity of 5,100 tons and a length of 139 meters, their estimated speed was 9.3 knots.
In addition to this, a wide range of products can be built to order:
* transport pontoons and mooring complexes,
* floating hotels and floating bridges,
* container and repair docks,
* cargo fleet,
* a series of small boats.
For this company has all the features.
All vessels are built on the class of the Russian River or Maritime Register, depending on the type.
The plant is also engaged in the construction of high-tech vessels equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment.
In addition to construction, we are engaged in the repair, modernization of ships, we produce metal structures, according to our own drawings or customer drawings.
At the disposal of the plant today the assembly-mechanical, body-welding, stacking and assembly production.
In the process of modernization, the plant mastered the technologies for the primary processing of metal-roll, plasma cutting of metal, including automatic cutting of parts.
Now we ourselves also perform the priming and painting of sections, blocks, surface of buildings.
We carry out the assembly of ships in the open stocks.
Kostroma shipyard productively cooperates with the largest research and production centers, such as the Shipbuilding Engineering Center (St. Petersburg), the ATSKB (Astrakhan), the Marine Engineering Bureau, the Prometheus Institute (Nizhny Novgorod), VGUPTSNITS "Soyuzproektverf".
The plant is located in the confluence of the rivers Kostroma and Volga. The successful location of the company - a naturally formed natural backwater - provides an excellent opportunity for sludge of river vessels and vessels of mixed navigation, as well as the production of repair work.
The main activities of the shipyard
* SHIPBUILDING - construction of a cargo fleet, large-tonnage barges, pushers, oil tankers of mixed river-sea navigation, under the supervision of the river and sea registers.
* SUDOREMONT - the company performs ship repair works with carrying out fault detection of hulls, devices, systems, valves.
The volume of processing of hull production is up to 4000 tons. The possibility of placing vessels on the stocks allows to place simultaneously 4 vessels up to 140 meters long.
Total area of the enterprise (waterless area) - 163,201.7 m2
Production areas of indoor workshops - 17 300 m2
Open production area - 30 000 m2
Corps Welding Shop - 5,800 m2
Mechanical assembly shop - 1470 m2
Stacking shop - 14,000 m2
Finishing workshop - 2 050 m2
Experimental workshop - 1 300 m2
Outfitting berth - 700 m2
Cargo berth - 1 500 m2
The allowable load capacity of the slip with a length of ships up to 141 meters - 2400 tons
Technological and production facilities of JSC "Kostroma shipyard":
- construction and repair of river and sea vessels with a deadweight of up to 6,000 tons, a length of up to 140 m, a width of up to 16.5 m and a launch weight of up to 2,400 tons;
-processing more than 20,000 tons of metal per year;
-maximal dimensions of flat sections 18 * 6 m / n and weighing up to 20 tons;
All sections are assembled at assembly stands, the assembly line is missing.
The production base of the enterprise consists of the following main and auxiliary areas and workshops:
* Hull production
- The body-welding shop (metal preparation, production of ship hull sections) with an area of more than 3840 m2. The workshop is equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons and two bridge cranes with a loading capacity of 20 tons and 5 tons. On the line of metal preprocessing there is a shot-blasting cleaning of sheet metal and its coloring with primer.
- Staple shop with paths of longitudinal and transverse movement of vessels with an area of 15 463 m2. The capacity of the workshop allows you to simultaneously produce 2 vessels 140 m long and 16.5 m wide.
- Cross slip, consisting of 12 launching carts with a total carrying capacity of 2400 tons, allowing to lower ships up to 140 m in length and 16.5 m wide and lift vessels weighing 1,800 tons to 140 m in width and 16.5 m wide
* Mechanical assembly shop
- metalworking works are done in the workshop
* Outfitting site
The site carries out work on the processing and painting
* Outfitting berth
-Length 92 m, equipped with a crane with a crane of 5 tons and 8 tons. Used for sludge vessels during completion and mooring tests
* Cargo berth
- 70 m long. Used to lay ships.
The address
Костромская область, город Кострома, 156003, улица Запрудня 1
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