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Quangminh Seagrass Private Enterprise

Quốc gia
Việt namViệt nam
Làm việc trên nền tảng GRT
5 năm 4 tháng
Ngôn ngữ giao tiếp
Tiếng Anh
Kinh nghiệm đồng quê
Việt nam

Mô tả công ty

Quang Minh is now known as both a manufacturer and exporter of seagrass and water hyacinth products in Vietnam.
In 1992, Quang Minh was established by Van Quang Nguyen who had previously worked as an general manager for a owned-state of seagrass exporting company.
At the beginning, the company just forcused on supplying seagrass products, such as doormats, handbags, baskets, beds for pet, laundry basket and so on.
However, since 2000, due to the huge expansion and its reputation in Vietnam's handicraft industry, Quang Minh has been exporting not only seagrass products but also other ranges of handicraft products, such as rattan and watwer hyacinth.
Located at the heart of Ninh Binh where seagrass plants cultivate the most strongly, and at the center of a handicraft traitional town with more than 100 years. Quang Minh prouds of providing products which are made of high quality material and lovely skill manworker.
Currently, our main markets are Japan, Germany, Switzerland, America, France, UK, Austrailia and South Africa.
Quang minh Seagrass Mat Privater Enterprise
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 Việt nam
7 $/đặt
Bài báo : 1827
 Việt nam
9 $/đặt
Bài báo : 1826
 Việt nam
11 $/đặt
Bài báo : 1825
 Việt nam
7 $/đặt
Bài báo : 1824