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tiếng Nga , Tiếng Anh , tiếng Đức
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EKF is one of the leading Russian producers of high-quality low-voltage electrical engineering. The company offers a full range of electrical equipment for input, distribution and metering of electricity, local automation of technological processes, as well as comprehensive solutions for increasing energy efficiency in various industries.
In the assortment of EKF there are more than 7000 names of modular automation, power and switching equipment, enclosures of electric boards, products for electrical installation and electrical installation, measuring instruments and cable-carrying systems. A total of more than 300 groups of 30 product lines.
The priority direction of the company's work is the development of integrated energy-efficient solutions for industrial enterprises, design and construction of energy, civil and infrastructure facilities. Three product lines EKF - AVERES, PROxima and BASIC - are developed taking into account industry specificity and meet the needs of customers with different budget possibilities.
The company's partner network includes more than 150 authorized distributors and 2000 sub-dealers in Russia and the CIS. EKF products are sold in 15 countries.
The production base of the company includes several factories and 5 logistics centers. The number of employees is more than 1500 employees employed in production facilities around the world, a third of them work in Russia.
Electrical engineering EKF is distinguished by high quality, ease and convenience of assembly, reliability in operation and concise design.
EKF equipment operates uninterruptedly at many important industrial and energy facilities in the country, including the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, the Mikhailovsky GOK, the Korpus plant, the Kristall plant, the Boguchansky aluminum plant, the Kazan precision engineering plant, the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant, the distribution substations of Stavropol , Azov and Moscow.
Địa chỉ
город Москва, 127273, улица Отрадная 2Б строение 9
Mã Số Nhận Dạng Thuế
Số Đăng Ký
Điện thoại
e.volkov@ekf.su t.burovtsev@ekf.su
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