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Quốc gia
Làm việc trên nền tảng GRT
5 năm 8 tháng
Ngôn ngữ giao tiếp
Tiếng Anh , người Tây Ban Nha
Kinh nghiệm đồng quê

Mô tả công ty

L & G SA was born on July 2, 1997 as a distributor of the Argentinean company Saporiti SA, which produces aromas, flavors, emulsifiers, colorants and additives for the food industry.

To be a reliable supplier of specialties, developments and raw materials for the food industry.
To be a strategic partner, which is necessary for the food industry in terms of constant quality, optimal cost-benefit ratio and constant supply, timely satisfying the needs of the market.
Ensure the safety and control of our products while maintaining traceability and requirements.
Build sustainable relationships with various markets as a provider of ideas and news for international markets.

Innovation, development and research will be the pillars that mark our course along with the food industry.
To be a Laboratory for the Control and Development of products and raw materials, which allows our Clients to differentiate themselves in the market in terms of quality, innovation and image.
Being a necessary strategic partner for the sustainable growth of our customers, you get a flexible, dynamic and service structure that allows you to receive answers and suggestions in real time.
Be a company of Concrete Proposals, applicable and sustainable, that the industry needs.

• We have 1,400 m 2 of warehouses, application and development laboratories, as well as large offices to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

L & G is committed to providing raw materials, products, developments, information and technical support for the food industry, supporting a management policy based on:

Adherence to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
Reliable international suppliers providing technical support and certified products that meet the legal requirements of import and CODEX Alimentarius.
Support a dedicated team that provides information and technical support on current products and trends in international markets.
Provide customers with the best value for money in all their deliveries.
Ensure food safety in the products presented.
Dedicated and trained staff who recognize the importance of excellence in food processing.
Focus on customer satisfaction as a business unit, both internal and external to L&G.
To be an effective, efficient and versatile organization in all its departments.
Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.
Provide quality service and quality service.
Sell ​​services through products.
Commitment to continuous improvement of our products, processes and services.
Địa chỉ
Montevideo, Ing. José Serrato 2731
Mã Số Nhận Dạng Thuế
Số Đăng Ký
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