B.WELL / Tonometer "MED-55"

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Features Expert precision with 3check mode. In this mode, the device automatically makes 3 consecutive measurements and analyzes the results obtained using a special algorithm. Since blood pressure fluctuates constantly, a result obtained in this way is more reliable than a result obtained with a single measurement. You can choose a mode convenient for you: 3check with triple measurement and intelligent analysis or single measurement mode. Powered by microUSB. The ability to work from an adapter with a microUSB cable makes the tonometer not only convenient, but also economical. You can use any 600V 600mA certified microUSB adapter. The tonometer can also be powered by 4 standard AAA batteries. Traffic light display. Colored backlighting of the display in green, yellow or red indicates the level a Complete set Cuff cone on the arm size M - L for an arm circumference of 22-42 cm Mains adapter AAA batteries - 4 pcs. Warranty card Instruction manual Storage bag
Tonometer type - Automatic;
Cuff Fastening - On the shoulder;
Battery size - AAA;
Features of the tonometer - Arrhythmia indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Auto power off;
Features of the tonometer - Date and time;
Features of the tonometer - Screen backlight;
Features of the tonometer - Universal cuff;
Features of the tonometer - WHO color scale;
Cuff size - 22.00 * 42.00;
Tonometer memory - 60 measurements;
Power type - From USB;
Power type - From batteries


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