The organization of sea freight The organization of sea freight

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Sea freight – a charge fixed by law for the carriage of goods under the contract of voyage Charter, which is provided by the shipper. Also, it could be the movement itself or even the contract with the detailed characteristics of parameters for transportation. Agreement with the Lines in St. Petersburg and other cities — Direct contracts with all Lines in Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad — Monitoring freight rates on-line — Lack of fee for services Quality services sea freight — Provision of personal Manager — Accessibility 24 hours, 7 days a week — Electronic document management — Full payment of expenses of the client International sea freight is very zorganizowany and buracracy, a consequence of the implementation of international Maritime transport of goods used a lot of standardized documents. Although it is not very exciting, but we tried easier to Express the purpose of these documents and the meaning that they have. We do the international transportation for many years, know a lot, we gave an example of filling TIR, CMR, T1, EX1, Invoice, Packing List... How it happens: 1. You sign a contract with us and we will arrange the purchase of the goods from the supplier 2. We get the product at the plant and loaded it into the transport 3. We will arrange delivery of the goods to the port, coordinate documents 4. At the port we will organize the loading of goods on any ship 5. We supervise the transport of the goods to the chosen direction to the point of delivery 6. We organize the unloading of the goods at the port of destination and loading it on trucks 7. By freight transoprt we will arrange the delivery of the goods to the store or a remote warehouse