Sanipone / Skin antiseptic for the treatment of the operating field liquid 1000 ml

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Purpose: for use in the health facilities:

– for disinfection and degreasing of skin operating and injection fields

– for treatment of elbow bends donors

– treatment of the skin prior to inserting catheters and puncture of the joints with the designation of the boundaries of treatment.

Composition: ethanol 77,0 % vol., didecyldimethylammonium chloride 0.15 per cent as active ingredients, functional additives and dye.

Antimicrobial activity: the disinfectant is active against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria including MRSA and M. Tuberculosis, fungi (including Candida), viruses including hepatitis A, b, C, HIV, herpes, polio, rotavirus.

Application: skin treatment surgical field, the elbow bends donor skin before the introduction of catheters and puncture of the joints – the skin is wiped twice separate sterile gauze swab soaked abundantly tool; exposure time 2 min.

Treatment injection field skin rubbed with sterile cotton swab soaked abundantly tool; the holding time is 20 seconds.

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