Birgitte Frigast / Porcelain doll Marcus, on a rocking horse, 12 cm

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Doll MARCUS 12 cm Collectible handmade porcelain doll from Danish designer Birgitte Frigast. The head, arms and legs of the doll are made of porcelain. The body is softly printed. The face is drawn by hand. The clothes of the MARCUS collectible porcelain doll are sewn by the author himself and her assistants from expensive fabrics that do not cause allergies. The size of the MARCUS porcelain doll: 12 cm Birgitte Frigast - collectible porcelain dolls by Danish designer Birgitte Frigast. Birgitte Frigast designer dolls are a worthy addition to your collection and interior decoration. Birgitte Frigast porcelain collectible dolls are perfect as a gift for both a child and an adult. The highest quality materials are used to create the Birgitte Frigast collectible dolls. This allows these adorable dolls to be pleasant to the touch and as if "alive" - the color of their skin, eyes and even the contours of fingers and ears are so similar to human ones. And what to say about clothes - it does not differ at all from ours, only if the size. The outfit for beautiful porcelain dolls Birgitte Frigast sews by the author herself and her assistants by hand, using expensive fabrics, buttons and other details that do not cause allergies. All works of Birgitte Frigast boasts a unique design and quality. Beautiful collectible porcelain dolls Birgitte Frigast 12 cm will look great in your collection, and complement each other!

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