Maclay / Self-inflating chaise longue "If you are too lazy to do something"

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Self-inflating chaise lounge "If you are too lazy to do something" 220 * 80 * 65 cm. Self-inflating chaise lounge "If you are too lazy to do something" 220 * 80 * 65 cm Self-inflating chaise longue is a very comfortable sofa that you can carry with you. The main convenience - to inflate it, you do not need efforts and pumps, you just scoop air into it, and then close the valve, and enjoy the rest! How and where can you use it? There are an unlimited number of options: - You can inflate it both outdoors and indoors. The durable material allows the product to be used even on problematic uneven surfaces, it is not afraid of stones and sand! - Due to its water resistance, it is convenient to use instead of a beach air mattress, because the air bag perfectly floats on the water Choose any place to relax and place a sun lounger: / s


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