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East Way


Multimodal operator EASTERN PATH is a successful large operator of transport, warehousing and customs logistics, providing services for the transport of goods to Russia from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and customs clearance of goods and vehicles. A narrow specialization in the transportation of goods from the APR countries allowed us to bring the quality of the services provided to a very high level. Choosing cooperation with the multimodal operator EASTERN WAY, you choose a quality service, fixed prices and the shortest delivery time. EASTERN PATH carries out all types of cargo transportation, including the shipment of containers by rail, air, sea and road transport, as well as such a popular service today as door-to-door delivery (D2D). Container transportation with us will allow you to plan in advance the budget and the time of arrival of the goods. In order to deliver your cargo in the shortest time possible under the most attractive conditions, we not only cross the space, but also overtake time: Obviously, one of the inconveniences of doing business with the APR countries is the difference in time zones. When Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and other cities of the west of Russia are just beginning to work, the Far East and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region are already finishing their working day. As a rule, this means that an important letter sent from Moscow to lunch will be read in Vladivostok only the next morning, so the negotiations are delayed, decisions are postponed, and the cargo comes later. BUT! Our clients will never face such a situation! After all, the head office of the EAST PATH is based in Moscow, and a specialized unit for customs clearance of cargo and transportation is in Vladivostok. Thus, our specialists watch the process of transportation and customs clearance of your cargo around the clock. Customs clearance of goods from the APR countries often occurs in Vladivostok. We do not need to hire third parties to take the cargo from the customs terminal. We ourselves will take the cargo for safe storage in Vladivostok at our own terminal, we will perform the necessary trans-shipment and provide further transportation. We will also carry out cargo acceptance in any port of China, and we will carry out cargo inspection according to a separate application of the client. Our clients are large organizations that are known for setting a fixed budget for the future financial year, they value guarantees, time and money, because it is the multimodal operator EASTERN WAY that can guarantee fixed rates for the entire duration of the contract. When developing the transportation route, we take into account all possible factors. Thanks to this, any route developed by the employees of the EAST PATH is the most optimal one.