Hunting for roe deer Hunting for roe deer

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The method of hunting with mank consists of luring the male with sounds simulating the female's vocals, as well as other sounds in the form of a cry of terror, the voice of a small calf and an explosive whistle. In the beginning it is necessary to give a weak whistle. If in ten minutes on the horizon no one appeared, then it is necessary to amplify the sound. Running often from place to place is impossible, one position should be at least half an hour, because the roe deer reacts to movement and rustles and listens well to the forest. The optimal time for hunting with mank is from 10 am to 3 pm, but some are inclined towards the pre-dawn hours. Hunting with roe deer can bring a very rich prey: horns, meat, skins. Such hunting is effective during the rutting period of animals. It's only two months a year: July and August. However, experienced hunters know that most of the trophies can be collected in the first half of August, when the male responds better to the cry of the female, which reproduces the decoy. Terms of hunting: from 12/07/2018 to 28/02/2019 Areas: Isetsky, Ishim Cost of living: 1500 rubles * included in the cost of the trophy * meals: includes 3 single * shuttle service: included * fishing: included Trophy cost: * Roe deer Segoviet (1-2 years) - 9,200 rubles * Roe Deer Adult (2-3 years) - 13 800 rub * Roe deer Trophy: Horns up to 30 cm - 34 500 rub * Roe Trophy: Horns over 30 cm - from 34,500 rubles Preparation of the trophy: * Primary dressing and freezing: 0руб. * Preparing a scarecrow from 10000 rub. * Vetkontrol from 1000 rubles. What you need to take with you: 1. hunting ticket 2. permit for weapons 3. cartridges and equipment