Доляна / Dolyana / Juice cooker, 5.8 l, d = 23 cm, with induction bottom

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The juicer consists of 3 parts: a container for heating water, a pan for collecting juice with a silicone tube and a steam basket for fruits and berries. Features of the juicer Steaming allows you to preserve all the vitamins. The finished product does not contain any impurities or preservatives. Thanks to the triple encapsulated bottom, the heat is quickly distributed over the surface. Polishing: matt inside, mirrored outside. Wall thickness - 0.5 mm. Additionally, the Juice Cooker consists of 3 parts, the lower part is a saucepan into which water is poured, the middle part is a container with a drain connection for collecting juice, the upper part is a container (colander) for storing raw materials. Water is poured into the lower part, brought to the release of steam (about 70 degrees), after which a compartment for collecting juice with a tube is placed, a compartment with fruits is installed on top, and closed with a lid, the juice begins to flow in about 30 minutes. The dishes are recommended for home use. May not meet the specific requirements for use in social enterprises.


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