Luazon Lighting / Disco ball-projector "Waves", d = 10.5 cm

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Composition: Metal, plastic;
Materials: metal, plastic;
Certificate: EAC;
Warranty period, months: 12 Luazon Lighting - certified products, environmentally friendly and safe, fully complying with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. Developers, engineers, designers, technologists and production workers of Luazon Lighting are working to ensure that the brand's products bring light, festive mood, comfort and warmth to every city and every house of our vast homeland! Application environment The light fixture creates a bright festive effect even in slightly darkened rooms. The rich color range and environmental safety ensure their high popularity among both professionals and household consumers. Lighting devices are ideal for a cafe, bar, restaurant, as well as an apartment or summer cottage. The disco ball can be powered from a USB cable. Advantages: * A well-thought-out assortment that meets modern market trends and any, the most demanding, requests of our customers; * High quality assembly and multi-stage quality control at all stages of production; * Unique holiday packaging Luazon Lighting, brings joy and holiday atmosphere to every customer; * The ability to create your own unique atmosphere with the help of lighting; * Comfortable color rendering; * Silent work; * Does not require technically complex tools for installation.


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