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Independent transit clearance is a complex process that requires deep knowledge of the customs legislation. It is recommended to entrust the design of transit professionals and customs brokers. We take a responsible approach to customs transit as follows: Minimize expenses — Calculation and payment of customs payments — Assistance in the refund of excess payments Protect the interests of — Legal support of cargoes — Representation of clients in the inspection of cargo at customs Responsible for timing your own money — Clearance for 48 hours — Payment of downtime at our expense Assist and advise the goods — Preparation of foreign economic contract — Support of foreign trade activities — Certification of products — Passing of quarantine and phytosanitary control The specialist performs customs clearance of transit, the broker provides the following services: — Collection and preparation of necessary document package — Provision of vehicle — The presentation of the goods at the border control — Full legal support of procedure How it happens: 1. Acceptance, registration and accounting of customs declarations, verification of compliance with declarations 2. The control over correctness of definition of the product code and compliance with non-tariff regulation measures 3. Exchange control and customs value control, check of correctness of application of the customs value 4. Control of customs payments, check of correctness of filling of the Declaration, the declarant's compliance with deadlines 5. Inspection and release of goods, the decision on clearance of goods, inspection and recording the results of inspection