Сималенд / Bactericidal recirculator, wall-mounted 2x15 W

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Bactericidal irradiators-recirculators are designed to disinfect the air not only in the premises of medical institutions, but also at home, industrial and public institutions, beauty salons, fitness rooms, shopping centers, etc. They work silently, so they do not create discomfort for either employees or management. And their benefits will be especially visible in the season of colds, when, thanks to their use, it will be possible to reduce the incidence of diseases in the team. The bactericidal recirculator can work indoors in the presence of people - this is very important. We guarantee the quality of our products - the recirculators purchased will last for many years, it is only necessary to periodically replace the germicidal lamp itself, the resource of which is 9000 hours. We use only the highest quality germicidal lamps (made in Germany). Wall-mounted bactericidal irradiator-recirculator RBm 2x15 is mounted on the wall of the room and is used for disinfection of air in rooms with a volume of up to 60
Productivity, cubic meters / hour - 60


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