Cargo transportation by refrigerators Cargo transportation by refrigerators

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Transportation of cargoes by a refrigerator is an operative transportation of cargoes at observance of a temperature mode necessary for the given cargo. A wide temperature range from -20 to +18 ° C allows us to transport not only frozen goods in the warm season, but also loads for which a positive temperature is required in winter. The high quality of the modern isothermal car bodies allows avoiding sudden temperature changes, which can negatively affect the condition of the cargo. MTL GROUP organizes cargo transportation by refrigerators from Western and South-Western Europe to the Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. Since refrigerators most often transport food products, all vehicles offered by MTL GROUP comply with sanitary standards, are always supplied in a pure form, and also meet safety requirements. Due to the large selection of vehicles, large orders are executed quickly, accurately and accurately in time. At the request of the customer, we carry out long-distance flights as soon as possible, which is an additional guarantee for the safety of your cargo!