Bestway / Boat Treck X2

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Boat Treck X2 2 seater 255 x 127 x 36 cm. The inflatable boat of the BESTWAY trademark is an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen and those who want to experience new emotions every day. With such a boat, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of your native spaces or go fishing. This model is equipped with all the necessary components to make your stay on the ship as comfortable as possible. A pump and paddles are included in the kit, which will allow you to inflate the product anywhere and easily reach even the farthest coast. The boat is made of durable PVC material, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, oils, gasoline and other liquids, which means it will last for more than one season. Such a model will withstand a load of 225 kg: this makes it possible to enjoy a walk with the whole family. Features: 3 air chambers; 2 inflatable seat cushions; capacity: 2 people and 1 child; maximum load: 225 kg. Complete set of oarlocks for oars; 2 paddles 124 cm long; foot pump; rope cable.


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