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Plant Uralprokat

Lavorando sulla piattaforma GRT
5 anni 4 mesi
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The activity of “Uralprokat” began in 2001, and during this time we successfully sell non-ferrous metal, which is the most important thing - always at an affordable price. The plant has a long-term cooperation with defense enterprises. Currently, the Non-Ferrous Metals Plant "Uralprokat" is a steadily growing enterprise, the main activity of which is:
During our work, we have strengthened cooperation with the defense industry, and now “Uralprokat” is developing rapidly and further, occupying a leading position in the market.
We are engaged in:
• production and sale of cast alloys;
• production and sale of non-ferrous wire;
• production and sale of sleeves and castings from non-ferrous metal.
The activity of our company for more than 15 years allows us to successfully compete with other giants in the market of non-ferrous metal. What sets us apart from other factories?
• We are developing. We do not just sell non-ferrous metals, we are winning and strengthening our position in the market, including through partnership with leading domestic factories and enterprises.
• Great experience. During the operation of the plant, we have gained a wealth of experience in the production of metal.
• Wide range of. Our products are successfully used in industries such as electrical, chemical, engineering, oil refining, etc. A wide range of products can satisfy almost any demand.
• High quality. All products of “Uralprokat” are of impeccable quality. And these are not empty words. Verification takes place in special laboratories with modern testing machines and metrological equipment.
• High-tech equipment. All products of the plant are made on the latest equipment. Due to the use of high technology, we have ensured that the quality of the goods we offer meets world standards.
• We are expanding production. The plant is developing new types of metal.
• Price policy. We are loyal to our customers and set a democratic price for the products of the plant.
• Individual approach to the customer. The production capacity of the enterprise is able to adapt our services and products in accordance with individual customer requests.
• Professional team working on the result.
JSC Plant Uralprokat has its own production of non-ferrous metal rolled products: bronze, copper-nickel, brass. We also produce aluminum powder.
We offer goods at a low cost, although for some items Uralprokat is the only manufacturer in Russia. Also, our products replace imports from Ukraine.
Among other products you can buy from us: nickel, copper, brass, bronze metal and much more. Ready to take on new types of products, to conduct research and development work together with the customer.
Свердловская область, 620028 27
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