Мякиши / Cubes "Animaux"

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Assemble the picture cubes are soft learning cubes with a bright and beautiful design. With their help, the child will learn to recognize different animals and add pictures. The set contains 4 cubes, of which you need to correctly compose a picture with an animal, such a game will help the child become more attentive, patient and learn to analyze his actions. Playing with such cubes, the baby will develop, and his parents will not have concerns about his safety. After all, this set has no sharp corners and edges, unlike solid cubes made of wood or plastic, which means that the child will not be able to hurt himself while playing. "Crumbs" are wonderful soft toys for the little ones, which are created so that the child can play and develop correctly from the very birth. The toys of this company are very diverse: from interactive rugs to heating toys. Also, each line of these products has its own original design, thanks to which "Myakishi" remains one of the most recognizable and beloved brands. The age range for which the products are directed is from 0 to 5 years. All toys of the company are made of high quality materials that are safe for the health of children. Upon delivery, the colors of the toys may differ from those laid out on the site!

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