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BOPP-polypropylene film

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155.00 ₽/kg.
Minimum wholesale party : 1000 kg.
To request a wholesale order
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Russian , English
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1 year 6 months
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Item description

"BOPP-film" is a biaxially oriented polypropylene film.
This is a quality material that has found universal application. It allows you to print information and a picture. Therefore, it is widely spread and has proven itself in a wide variety of industries as a packaging material.
The thickness of the resulting film: from 20 to 40 microns, and the width - from 10 centimeters to 1.2 meters. The BOPP film can be divided into implementations in width, weight or length in a roll.
Advantages of BOPP film:
- Resistance to temperature changes;
- is not afraid of the effects of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen;
- very strong, has sufficient elasticity and rigidity;
- it is subject to thermal bonding and printing.
Types of BOPP films:
1. Pearl - obtained by the introduction of special additives. Such a film does not transmit light and does not lose its qualities at negative temperatures. The priority application of this BOPP film is food packaging, which should be stored for a long time at low temperatures.
2. Transparent - allows you to visually access the packaged products. Transparent BOPP film is widely used for packaging various products, bakery products and cereals.
3. White - it's convenient to print and draw on it.
4. Metallized - serves to package products that are sensitive to light, oxygen and water vapor. The metallized BOPP film neutralizes these factors due to the metallization of aluminum.
Each film has its own ways and features of production.
In Moscow warehouses, more than 350 tons of finished products are stored to guarantee productive and uninterrupted cooperation. This system of our work also ensures a stably low cost of our products, which plays an important role in proving its sustainable position in the packaging materials market.
All samples for quality comparison are issued by the company free of charge, and also their delivery to your address is also free!
We value long-term cooperation with our partners!
For dealers and remote managers, we offer special profitable offers!
Having concluded with us a dealer contract, you get the opportunity to sell our products at manufacturer prices!
The UPAKEXPRESS company also considers postponement of payments from the first delivery!

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Wholesale price on request
Minimum quantity : 1000 kg.
Wholesale price on request
Minimum quantity : 1000 kg.
Wholesale price on request
Minimum quantity : 1000 kg.
Wholesale price on request
Minimum quantity : 1000 kg.