Palekh Watch / Đồng hồ "vở ba lê Hồ thiên nga" bằng thạch anh, vẽ tay, nghệ sĩ Kornilova, dây trắng, mặt số lớn

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Watch "Swan Lake ballet" with a painting on the dial – made by artisan Kornilova N. In the miniature, the main character of the ballet, who was bewitched by an evil sorcerer, froze in an elegant swan dance, but the true love of the prince can destroy the witchcraft and find happiness. This watch is not just a beautiful accessory, but a real piece of art that retains warmth of handmade work and centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship. The dial was created in the village of Palekh in compliance with all the classical stages of miniature painting. Folk tales, traditional ornaments and the unique beauty of nature became the inspiration for the art pieces. An important feature of the painting is an incredibly precise drawing of compositions. When you pick up a watch, you feel the craftsmanship in every detail of the design. The creation of a single dial can take the whole month because of such delicate work. Unique watches are not only painted, but also assembled by hand by the watch company “Poljot. Klassika”. Due to precise work, production volumes are limited, so all products are presented in a single copy. On each dial you can see the artist's signature and the serial number. However, we can repeat your favorite model upon prior request. The Palekh Watch is an exclusive GlobalRusTrade project, which is available only on our website. Stages of the dial painting Same to lacquerware made a hundred years ago, the dial goes through the traditional manual stages of painting and polishing: coating with black enamel, transferring a prepared sketch using pumice, bleaching preparation, painting with tempera paints, varnishing, applying gold paint, wolf fang polishing, re-varnishing and polishing. Model Description Japanese movement CAL 9T33 MIYOTA. Chrome-plated steel case, genuine leather strap. The hand-painted dial is protected by waterproof mineral glass. The watch is safe under the light rain and drops of water when washing hands. The watch is packed in a premium lacquered gift case in a walnut color. The watch case is made of precious wood and varnished. Its interior is finished in beige flock. Watch model characteristics Case: Stainless steel Plating: Chrome Plated Dial: Hand painted with tempera and gold paints, varnished, hand polished Glass: Mineral Band: Genuine Leather Water resistance: 3 ATM (30 meters) Size: 41.5 Х 6.2 mm Watch mechanism characteristics Watch movement: Quartz Number of jewels: 1 Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds Shockproof device: Yes Accuracy: -10 / +20 seconds per month Power reserve: 24 months

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