Nika Kids / Xe trượt tuyết "Nika-Snowpatrol"

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Sự miêu tả

Composition: Plastic, steel;
Materials: plastic, steel;
Packing size: 89 cm × 47 cm × 36.5 cm;
Certificate: EAC;
Color: Black, Red;
Age: From 3 years old;
Height to seat, cm: 32;
Maximum load, kg: 100;
Parent Handle: No;
Backrest: Yes;
Steering wheel type: Bicycle wheel;
Tow rope: Automatic winding The snow scooter is intended for children over 3 years old. Snow scooter characteristics * Cycle wheel. * A torch on the frame illuminates the road at night. * Extended soft seat. * The shock absorption system provides a comfortable ride on steep hills and uneven surfaces. * Towing rope with automatic winding. * Reinforced wide brake is effective on snowy, icy surfaces. * Carrying capacity: up to 100 kg. * Snow scooter weight: 10 kg. Overall dimensions: * unfolded: 1223 x 545 mm; * folded: 900 x 470 x 370 mm; * seat: 560 x 220 mm; * handlebar height: 518 mm; * seat height: 320 mm.

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