Kem chống nhăn nâng cơ mặt ban ngày 50+, SPF 6, JAPAN LIFT, BIELENDA, 50ml

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Lifting anti-wrinkle cream with a light formula tightens, firms, reduces sagging, smoothes wrinkles. Intensively moisturises delicate dry skin, supports skin regeneration and nourishing of skin, restores healthy color and glow. Contained in the cream with its SPF 6, protects from photoaging.

Contains ingredients that with the Japanese accuracy-reach problem areas where a release potential, stimulate the skin to recover.

anti-aging formula: BIOMIMETIC SYN®AKE PEPTIDE - biomimetic peptide from snake venom blocks the nerve impulses of the muscle fibers and, due to the relaxation of the facial muscles, gradually smooth wrinkles.

RICE PEPTIDES stimulate the skin's protective function. Renew, smooth wrinkles, nourish and improve elasticity.

JASMINE EXTRACT softens, strengthens and delicately brightens the skin, hydrates and prevents moisture loss. Smoothes wrinkles, tightens, restores elasticity, soothes irritations.

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