IQBoard DVT Etkileşimli Beyaz Tahta TQ092 4 dokunuş

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IQBoard DVT series interactive whiteboards are based on the optical technology of digital cameras. The optical technology for the IQBoard DVT TN092 is based on the use of four digital infrared cameras located at the corners of the whiteboard, which track a marker or any other object, such as a finger, moving along the surface. With the Multi-touch function on the DVT TN092 interactive whiteboard, four users can simultaneously use their fingers or stylus to write, erase and manipulate objects. IQBoard DVT TN092 Interactive Whiteboard also supports gesture recognition.

On both sides of the frame there are 14 buttons for calling up certain, most frequently used functions. The anti-glare polymer coating of the board is optimized for projection and can be printed with standard dry erase markers. All IQ Board DVT interactive whiteboards have a stylish design with a thin black frame.

We, the Izhevsk Interactive Systems company, are a leader in the field of interactive technologies, we are engaged in the production of interactive tables and other surfaces for children and adults. The main activity of the company is the use of the latest tools of modern advertising, presentation and training. Consult on technical parameters or other products by phone: 8 (341) 222-00-97 or 8 (800) 302-75-21 toll-free in Russia.

Our advantages:

  • We approach each client individually
  • Availability of quality certificates
  • Proven materials and components
  • Quality assurance
  • Complex services, sets of equipment for business and development
  • We provide payment by installments, there are discount conditions for regular customers.

We work and deliver products throughout Russia

  • Post of Russia;
  • Transport companies (free of charge with an order value of 50,000 rubles. Shipment to a transport company is carried out once a week after 100% payment for the goods. Delivery price is calculated according to the price list of the transport company.);
  • Boxberry delivery service (free with an order value of 50,000 rubles).

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