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Floor interactive Classic

Depending on the installation conditions, the cost of the project can vary greatly. Primarily due to the cost of the equipment.

For example, in a darkened room of a nightclub, a 2000 lumen projector will be quite inexpensive; in a bright room, a more powerful projector is needed.

Contact our managers to calculate the cost of installation.

The kit includes:

  • Software;
  • High definition infrared camera for video signal capture;
  • Video capture module;
  • Controlling mini computer with Intel core i3 processor (or equivalent);
  • Wireless keyboard, mouse;
  • Professional 4500 lumens projector with trapezoid correction;
  • Bracket for the projector;
  • Switching kit;
  • User guide;
  • USB key;
  • Warranty card;
  • Installation work is paid separately

Case 45x45x35cm (optional + 7500r.).

This kit contains everything you need to create an interactive projection. You only need to show where you would like to create a projection, we take care of the rest! Installation takes from 4 hours. After installation, our specialists carry out mandatory instructions and training.

This equipment is a high quality floor projection that responds immediately to human actions. The presented product finds its application in large shopping centers, cinemas, shops, hotels, metro stations, exhibition grounds, clubs, casinos. The main advantage of this equipment is the absence of human contact, so there is no possibility of damage to the equipment. More than 140 interactive effects have been developed by our specialists. All products of our company fully comply with all safety requirements. The ART Lumen company is pleased to offer all customers high quality goods at manufacturer's prices. We have a permanent system of discounts. All products are guaranteed.

The Izhevsk Interactive Systems company is engaged in the production and sale of various kinds of interactive products for children and adults. Here you will find a wide range of products of our own production, as well as models of interactive systems produced by well-known brands: Sony, Infocus, Nec, Panasonic, Acer, etc. We have designed and assembled more than 30 products and 100 related products of our own assembly. We approach each order with the utmost responsibility and carefully check products, focusing on quality, reliability and durability. On our website you can find:

  • Interactive tables
  • Interactive floor
  • Tables for drawing with sand "Fenech"
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Play complexes
  • Projectors

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