Toalha de mesa com renda cappuccino

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Tablecloth with lace (handmade). The fabric is Italian tapestry on a cotton basis, pleasant and soft to the touch. The edges of the tablecloth are impressive with double French lace and / or ruffle. It looks original on square and rectangular tables. As a gift 2 tea napkins. -Do not lose shape and color after washing (able to transfer more than 500 washes) - very practical, spots are not immediately visible - almost do not require ironing - ordinary care, dry quickly Additional offer: personalized embroidery or embroidery of warm wishes on the tablecloth for any of the memorable dates. An embroidered tablecloth is a great way to emphasize your personality and true feelings! We reserve the right to replace lace with a similar one (in the absence of suppliers), and we promise that it will also be harmonious and perfectly combined with the fabric. When ordering, please note that the width of the lace is included in the total size of the tablecloth and the actual size of the finished product may have an error of +/- 5 cm. Prepayment for the order - 50% of the cost. Fast worldwide shipping, free in Russia.

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