Оренбургский Пуховый Платок / Teia de aranha "Cassiopeia"

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Luxurious white downy shawl with openwork elements. Size 150x150 cm The natural down of Orenburg goats conveys all its unique properties to the product and makes it soft and warm at the same time, at the same time very light. Comfortable wearing is guaranteed. The handmade work of a professional craftswoman determines the high artistic value and status of the scarf. A complex ornament, which is the result of many hours of work, will allow you to create vivid images in combination with a variety of clothing elements. The size of the scarf will allow you to use it in a variety of ways, from a stylish cape to a luxurious plaid. The dry heat effect provided by Orenburg downy shawls is useful not only for your comfort, but also for your health. Approximate ratio of down to base: Goat down - 70% temple. silk - 30% Due to the fact that most of the work in the products is done by hand, the ratio and composition of materials can vary. At the same time, in the overwhelming majority of goods, the content of goat down is about 70%.


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