Kaemingk / Wicker basket for Christmas tree Ermeso 57 * 28 cm

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A basket is an important detail when decorating a New Year tree.
It will disguise a stand or a cross, and give a neat look to a festive tree.
The model is a structure tightly woven from natural twigs, which is assembled into a stable spruce basket thanks to invisible hooks on the side.
Just wrap the woven fabric around the foot of the tree and connect both ends with hooks - you don't need to lift or move the tree! Specifications: Size: 57 * 28 cm.
Material: twigs of water hyacinth.
Weight: 1.65 kg Package length: 0.61 m.
Packing width: 0.61 m.
Package height: 0.32 m.
Package volume: 0.117 m 3

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