Опт-картина / Cross-stitch Sunflowers

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Cross-stitch is a favorite pastime of many needlewomen, which allows you to create beautiful paintings that can decorate any room, giving a special style. The offered embroidery kits are perfect for both experienced craftswomen and beginner needlewomen. Each cross-stitch kit includes all the necessary materials for creativity: a canvas with a color scheme, floss threads, embroidery needles. Now there is no need to waste time on calculating the required amount of materials and their selection. The colors of the cotton threads included in the set are matched to the image on the diagram, they have numbering and special designations, which greatly facilitates the work. The threads are supplied in sufficient quantity, so do not worry if they are unexpectedly damaged. Cross-stitching on the canvas comes in different sizes, square and rectangular. Novice needlewomen can choose small paintings with simple patterns. If you have some experience, it is worth choosing a larger image with a variety of colors. A wide selection of images is always available: flowers, animals, natural and urban landscapes, still lifes, fairy tales and heroes, abstractions. Cross-stitch embroidery on canvas: what to look for. For comfortable work when embroidering, you need to use the hoop into which the canvas is inserted. When creating paintings of large sizes, it is recommended to put the fabric on special machines or tapestry frames. Such devices make it possible to embroider without bending the fabric, without deforming the previously made stitches, to see the entire area of the picture without restrictions. However, embroidering large paintings requires certain skills, so it is better for beginners to choose small images. The finished painting, decorated in a suitable frame, will be an excellent decoration for any room.

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