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Warehouse is a complex technical structure intended for managing stocks in different sections of the logistics chain and performing specific functions for storing and transforming the material flow as a whole. The company "DS Construction" offers quality warehouse services in the field of responsible storage. Responsible storage is a whole complex of measures for the safety of cargo, its handling and maintenance. Our warehouse is located in Lithuania, in the city of Vilnius, which has an advantageous geographical location - close to the airport, customs, excellent access for transport. The city connects the EU countries with Belarus and other Eastern European countries. The location of the bonded warehouse, convenient access, as well as the high quality of the services offered, makes our company an attractive partner. The main reasons for using warehouses in the logistics system include the following: * Ensuring an uninterrupted production process by creating inventories of material and technical resources; * Coordination and equalization of supply and demand in supply and distribution through the creation of insurance and seasonal reserves; * Ensuring the maximum satisfaction of consumer demand through the formation of an assortment of products; * Reduction of logistics costs during transportation due to the organization of transportation by economical lots; * Creating conditions for maintaining an active marketing strategy * Increase the geographical coverage of markets; * Provide a flexible service policy. We offer you the following range of warehouse services * Loading and unloading operations * Responsible storage * Transhipment / re-shipment of goods * Non-standard operations for cargo handling * Possibility of repacking the cargo (paper, stretch film, adhesive tape); * Weighing, * Formation of items, marking of goods, * Selection and completion of orders * Control over the number, integrity of the package and the state of the goods * Accounting for warehousing goods * Long-term and short-term storage of goods in the customs and commercial warehouse and in the free territory * Preparing cargo for transportation The cargo can be processed in the evening and at night, as well as on weekends. At least three types of flows are processed in the warehouse - incoming, outgoing and internal. The presence of an incoming stream means the need to unload the transport, check the quantity and quality of the arrived cargo, check the shipping documents, etc. The outgoing flow necessitates the loading of transport, the preparation of shipping and freight documents. Internal flow necessitates the movement and cargo processing of inventory in the warehouse and clearance of warehouse documents. The main functions of the warehouse are: 1. concentration and storage of stocks, ensuring the implementation of continuous production or supply, subject to restrictions related to sources of resources and fluctuations in consumer demand; 2. Consolidation of cargoes - implies the consolidation of goods into a larger mixed shipment consignment to customers located territorially in one area of ​​sales 3. Unbundling of cargoes - sorting of cargo into smaller lots, intended for several customers 4. Assortment management is the accumulation and formation of an assortment of products in anticipation of orders of consumers with their subsequent sorting in accordance with orders 5. bundling of cargo - implies re-sorting of goods received from suppliers and their consolidation in consignment shipment to consumers 6. provision of services, namely: • material (delivery), labeling, packaging, packaging, etc.); • organizational and commercial conclusion of contracts with transport agencies, preparation and delivery of shipping documents, information on lending, lending of stored goods, sale of surplus material values ​​through redistribution or on commissions, etc.); • warehouse (reception for temporary storage of material values), sorting, leasing of warehouse space, etc.) • transport-operational (forwarding services with unloading). Possible options for preparation of goods for transportation: • pallets • Mixing pallets • Boxes