Wrist tonometer "Little Doctor LD 12"

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Features of the device: designed to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure; uses an oscillometric method for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate; equipped with two memory blocks for 90 cells each for storing measurement results (pressure, pulse, time and date); Recommended for home use as an adjunct to medical supervision for patients aged 15 years and older with unstable (unstable) blood pressure or known arterial hypertension. Contents Electronic unit of the Little Doctor LD12 tonometer Built-in Little Doctor Cuff-LD8 for patients with a wrist circumference of 12.5 - 20.5 cm Instruction manual Case for storing the device Battery kit Warranty card
Cuff Fastening - On the wrist;
Tonometer type - Automatic;
Power type - From batteries;
Cuff size - 12.50 * 20.50;
Tonometer memory - 90 measurements;
Pressure measurement range, mm Hg Art. - 40.00 * 260.00;
Pulse rate measurement range, beats / min - 40.00 * 160.00;
Features of the tonometer - Arrhythmia indicator;
Features of the tonometer - Calculation of the average pressure;
Features of the tonometer - Large display;
Features of the tonometer - WHO color scale;
Battery size - AAA


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