Сималенд / Chlorhexidine bigluconate

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Chlorhexidine aqueous solution cleanses and disinfects the skin without damaging it. Unlike other antiseptics, it has no smell and sharp taste, and does not cause pain when it gets into open wounds. The tool kills infectious bacteria, fights herpes, hepatitis of all types, including A, B, and C, as well as HIV, adenovirus and others. Application: hygienic treatment - the product is applied to the surface to be treated and rubbed in until dry for 30 seconds. Storage conditions: in tightly closed manufacturer's packaging at temperatures from 0 to 30 ° С away from sources of heat, ignition and sunlight. No smoking! Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life: 2 years in unopened manufacturer's packaging. Composition: active ingredient - chlorhexidine bigluconate (0.05%);
auxiliary substance - purified water.
Purpose of the disinfectant - Household;
Volume, ml - 5,000;
Alcohol-based for PFS - No;
Type of bactericidal agent - Chlorhexidine


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