Сималенд / Tubing cheesecake "Whirlwind", d = 90 cm

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Composition: Awning;
Materials: awning;
Packing size: 32cm × 21cm × 7cm;
Certificate: Not subject to certification;
Maximum load, kg: 120;
Material (top / bottom): Awning / awning;
Size, cm: 90;
Coloring: Multicolored Has a street walk become common? Do you want to arrange a holiday for your child? Everything will change with the "Whirlwind" cheesecake with a diameter of 80 cm. Your child will be pleasantly surprised by such a gift. The tubing glides perfectly and absorbs unevenness on the hill. Enthusiastic emotions and an indescribable feeling are only part of what awaits him from exciting leisure. Bright design and durable material will delight him for many years, because the sled is made of durable waterproof fabric. Inside there is a car camera, which can be accessed by opening the zipper. The sled is completely safe and easy to operate. * Top material: PVC 630 g / m². * Bottom material: PVC 900 g / m². * Diameter: 90 cm. * Camera: included in the package (high density 8 MPa). * Camera size: 14 inches. * Equipped with a zipper: yes. * Towing strap: yes. * Valve: yes, short. * Maximum load: 120 kg. The camera size is indicated for cameras manufactured in Russia. If the production is in Poland, then it will be 16 inches.


Width in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
Package height, mm
Length in packing, mm

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