ONLITOP / Tubing cheesecake "Oval"

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Composition: Awning, Oxford;
Materials: awning, oxford;
Packing size: 28 cm × 24 cm × 10 cm;
Certificate: Not subject to certification;
Maximum load, kg: 80;
Material (top / bottom): Oxford / awning;
Size, cm: 70 - 100;
Coloring: Multi-colored Very comfortable and reliable tubing made of high-strength waterproof fabric. The bottom made of an awning with a density of 600-700 g / m² will withstand severe frosts and ice and snow tests. Use them in winter and warm seasons! Inflatable sleds perfectly hold on the water surface, acting as a small inflatable mattress for swimming. Tubing will bring you a ton of fun. It is safer in falls and collisions than its rigid-frame counterparts. It is lighter, more compact and has durable textile handles. You can use it alone or together. Easy to control by the body: change the position and inclination of the body - they will change the direction of movement. Features: * skating age: from 6 years; * user weight up to 80 kg; * camera size: 13 inches. Attention! Children should always be in the field of view of adults, do not leave children unattended while using the inflatable sled. Be careful and follow the safety rules when riding! Do not expose the inflatable sled to open flames or powerful heating devices!


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