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Small quantities of goods and Luggage of different senders are received, processed and konsolidiruyutsya in the warehouses of our company. After the loaded cars are sent in specific areas. The company "Al" performs international transportation of cargoes from Asia, Europe and America. This batch of goods of different customers, which are completed in the warehouse up to a certain amount and then go in accordance with the contracts on delivery. General cargo is generated in the case where the shipment is small by weight (volume) for transportation on one vehicle. The work of unloading and loading, internal movement of stock and further movement of groupage cargo shall be arranged by "Al". Depending on the assigned task is analyzed, the combination of air, sea, rail and road modes of transport. The advantage of the national transportation The main criterion is the efficiency and profitability of transportation, as the cost of container transport is distributed on all participants of delivery of groupage cargo. Features of delivery of cargoes — The use of a variety of approaches to customs clearance if the consignment relates to different product categories (groups of TN FEA), — Conditions of storage of the goods until the moment of transport, — Automation of warehouse and transport logistics, — The possibility of delivery "from door to door", "door to the warehouse." The stages of organization of the national transportation Delivery from the consignor's warehouse to the warehouse of responsible storage for picking of assorted cargo; — If necessary, - handling, packaging, securing cargo in accordance with the parameters of capacity and capacity and, depending on the mode of transport; — Preparation of package of documents for the cargo; — Freight forwarding of cargo throughout the route — Customs clearance (customs clearance of cargo) — Shipping to the customer to the warehouse or door-to-door. International transportation routes — consolidated cargoes from China, Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), — consolidated cargoes from Europe, — consolidated cargo from North and South America.