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We provide forwarding and transportation of bulk chemical goods by our own transport in St. Petersburg, Russia, import/export from/to Europe. Dangerous goods are materials, substances, finished products, manufacturing waste, which because of its physico-chemical properties, as well as in the presence of favorable factors that could harm the environment or cause a fire, explosion, corrosion, and destruction of buildings, structures, and transportation for their transportation, cause of death, injury, burns, infectious diseases of humans, animals and birds. Transport of dangerous goods on land, water and partly by air transport while ensuring safety requirements. Security requirements of this type of goods: — Appropriate packaging and labelling of dangerous goods — Preparation of the vehicle for the carriage of dangerous goods — Training and coaching of security staff, maintenance, and drivers of vehicles — Loading-unloading and storage of dangerous goods during transport in compliance of security measures — Development and approval in the higher offices of the route of dangerous goods — The route is designed to route dangerous cargo were not large settlements, important industrial facilities, recreation areas, state-protected architectural monuments, nature reserves. Upon delivery to the transportation of dangerous goods the shipper should do their part to fully comply with all the requirements of the transport company to ensure the safety of cargo during its transportation. The procedure of our company security: — Obtain permission for the carriage of dangerous goods in the internal Affairs bodies — Pack and mark the shipment of hazardous cargo is properly — Provide full information on the composition of the goods in the invoice and attach emergency card, filled in the prescribed form — Coordinate the route of dangerous goods — Follow loading, proper placement and securing of containers with dangerous cargo on the vehicle — Arrange escort of dangerous cargo and its paramilitary guards — Instruct the vehicle driver about the rules of transportation of dangerous goods and handling — If necessary, crossing the dangerous goods national boundaries, the transportation company is requesting a special permit to follow the territory of another state to its competent authorities, in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement.