Sanitelle / Hand sanitizer, gel 1000 ml

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Tool Sanitelle® PX gel is a ready to use product in the form of clear, colorless gel with a characteristic odor of ethyl alcohol.

Composition: ethanol 89,0%, polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride 0.4% as active substances and functional additives.

Antimicrobial activity: the disinfectant is active against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria including MRSA and M. Tuberculosis, fungi (including Candida), viruses including hepatitis A, b, C, HIV, herpes, polio, rotavirus.

Prolonged antimicrobial effect for 3 hours.

Application: hygienic treatment of hands apply to hands 3 ml and rubbed for 30 seconds. Processing of hands of surgeons – 2 times in 2.5 ml rubbed into the hands and forearms.

Total processing time – 3 min.

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