Тонар / Boat "Captain 280T"

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Boat "Captain 280T" gray color. The boat is equipped with a stationary transom 14 mm thick, on which you can install a motor up to 4 HP. The transom is harmoniously combined with the general layout of the boat, has sufficient strength and withstands static loads from the weight of the motor and dynamic loads arising from the operation of an inflatable motor boat (from the propeller stop, vibration, impacts when hitting underwater obstacles and when reversing). The transom is securely glued into the hull of the boat using a special transom clamp amplifier. Banks are attached to the sides of the boat according to the "lyctros-likpaz" system, which allows you to freely adjust them along the length of the boat. Characteristics: overall length: 2.80 m; maximum width: 1.23 m; cockpit length: 193 m; cockpit width: 0.55 m; the largest diameter of the cylinder: 0.36 m; transom: stationary; engine power: up to 4 hp; weight of the product included: 15.4 kg; package size Complete set foot pump 5 l; 2 paddles with paddle holders in the oarlock; 2 hard seats; bag for storage and transportation; repair kit; operation manual (passport).


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