Тонар / Boat "Breeze 220"

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Boat "Breeze 220" gray. The inflatable rowing boat "Breeze 220" is a light and compact single boat. The boat's hull is made of five-layer reinforced PVC and formed by an O-shaped balloon. The cylinder is divided by partitions into 2 independent compartments, which guarantees the safety of being on the water. The boat uses modern and reliable fittings from domestic manufacturers. Recommended sailing areas: closed waters, small lakes, rivers. Characteristics: maximum length: 2.20 m; maximum width: 1.23 m; the largest diameter of the cylinder: 0.33 m; set weight: 10.2 kg; package size - 71 x 43 x 30 cm; lifting capacity: 180 kg; passenger capacity: 1 person; number of sealed compartments: 2 pcs; working pressure in the cylinder: 0.2 kgf / cm2; density of PVC fabric: 750 g / sq. Complete set foot pump 3 l; 2 paddles with paddle holders in the oarlock; 1 hard seat; backpack bag for storage and transportation; repair kit; operation manual (passport).


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