Тонар / Boat Captain T310 slan + keel

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Boat Captain T310 slan + keel color fish print 6852865. The motor rowboat "CAPTAIN T310" is a light and spacious boat. The boat's spacious cockpit and carrying capacity allow passengers to comfortably accommodate and arrange all the necessary cargo. By equipping the boat with a keeled bottom, its controllability is improved, smooth ascent to the wave is ensured, which allows you to confidently glide with an engine of up to 8 hp. Recommended sailing areas: coastal zone, rivers and lakes. Characteristics: PVC fabric (five-layer): 900 g / m2 .; overall length: 3.10 m; maximum width: 1.41 m; cockpit length: 2.30 m; cockpit width: 0.65 m .; the largest diameter of the cylinder: 0.38 m; weight of the product included: 36 kg.; lifting capacity: 400 kg.; passenger capacity: 3 + 1 people; number of sealed compartments: 3 pcs + keel; transom type: stationary; engine power: up to 8.0 hp; Max. weight of the motor Complete set foot pump 5 l; 2 paddles with paddle holders in the oarlock; 2 hard seats; rigid floor with aluminum profiles; bag for storage and transportation; repair kit; operation manual (passport). The 6mm floor, made of waterproof plywood with an anti-slip coating, allows you to move confidently in the boat and fish while standing. The “lyktros-likpaz” seat attachment allows adjusting the cans in a wide range, which ensures the convenience of placing people and cargo in the boat. The boat is equipped with a flange (fender) that protects the side of the sides when mooring. On the sides of the boat there are handles for carrying it. High quality valves allow you to quickly inflate / deflate the boat and are reliable protection against air release.


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