Палех / Palekh / Casket "Masquerade Ball", 34 * 25 * 8.5, master Zhiryakov

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The casket "the masquerade Ball" is a handmade product, made by a master Irecover. The casket is equipped with a lock. Suitable for storing A4 documents. Filigree picture that conveys the mood of each participant of the ball. Master puts everyone who sees the casket into the holiday spirit. The side part is decorated with Venetian ornaments, carnival masks and characters of Russian fairy tales. Traditional craftsmanship of ancient icon painting Palekh connected with art household object, creating a new kind of decorative art — Palekh lacquer miniature. Rich experience of icon painting, with its linear and patterned into decorative art. The process of creating products is very laborious. After patterning on a special enamel, gold leaf frame all the details of the picture, so unique Palekh produced in a single copy. Absolutely all the articles of the Association are those of the author, each of them gold marked with the name of the artist. All the work of the enterprise are reviewed by the arts Council, trademarked and have a quality certificate that distinguishes them from all sorts of counterfeit and other substandard products. Shelf life: not limited Operation life: not limited Production country: Russia


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