Сашель / Extraordinary natural oil "Spectonik" For helminthiasis in capsules, No. 30 * 0.5 g

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a special extraordinary native tonic contains a herbal complex of intense action, which is effective in chronic helminth infection and at the initial stages of helminthiasis in the hepatobiliary system and pancreas, biliary tract, intestines and digestive tract, genitourinary system, in the respiratory system, brain, and ocular lesions , toxoplasmosis. The native complex Spectonik promotes active restoration of organs and systems affected by helminths, prevents the development of lymphotoxicosis and normalizes the composition of its own microflora, restores and strengthens immunity, prevents the likelihood of re-infection with helminths as a result of the formation of stable immunity to external parasitic factors. Ingredients: cedar nut kernel oil, chanterelle fruit body, clove buds, cinnamon bark, black cumin, cayenne pepper, ginger, Djungarian ferula, pumpkin seeds, t
Package quantity - 30;
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The form of release of food additives - Capsules;


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