TAKE IT EASY / Tea ceremony set "Man", for 4 persons: cup 45 ml, teapot 180 ml

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Composition: Wood, ceramics, textiles;
Materials: wood, ceramics, textiles;
Certificate: PCT;
Color: Blue;
Number of persons: 4;
In the set, pcs.: 9;
Pattern: No;
Addressee: Man;
Material: Textile, Ceramics, Wood A portable tea set, thanks to a compact bag with a handle, it is convenient to take it with you to nature, to visit, to the country. The ware is suitable both for solemn tea ceremonies, and for daily house use. This set will be an excellent gift for sophisticated connoisseurs of oriental dishes. The kit includes: * teapot; * 4 cups; * cup (glass); * tongs; * napkin; * stand; * tray; * bag.


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