ZABIAKA / Talking poster "Visiting Santa Claus"

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Composition: Plastic;
Materials: plastic;
Certificate: EAC;
Age: From 3 years old;
Number of batteries: 3;
Symbol of the year: None;
Holiday theme: New Year;
Sound: Yes;
Battery Operated: Yes;
Number of players: 1 player;
Game genre: Developing;
Additional features: Sound effects;
Battery size: AAA;
Batteries included: Yes An interactive poster will help you quickly teach your child new poems, phrases and sounds. The toy has a module that reproduces 16 songs, 6 poems and 16 phrases on the New Year theme. Songs: * "Tick-tick-tock, they knock for an hour"; * "Ding-ding, I can hear the ringing"; * "Ding-dilin, Santa Claus brings gifts"; * "Bunnies at the edge"; * "New Year is coming to us"; * "We make a snowman"; * "Who walks along the edge"; * "New Year has come, hurray!"; * "There is a lot of snow"; * "How our animals winter"; * "Little Christmas tree"; * "Dili-dili, bells"; * "White Snowflake"; * "Stars are shining"; * "What is New Year?"; * "Fir-tree, fir-tree, green needle". Poems: * "Santa Claus, sweet toys"; * "Who are the painted patterns?"; * "Bears lead a round dance"; * "Christmas tree, Christmas tree, New Year"; * "Winter has come, bites his nose"; * "Santa Claus has it."


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