Kaemingk / Table runner Marbella 40 * 140 cm cream

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A walkway to the table is a popular item on the eve of the holidays.
With its help, the hostesses turn the usual dining groups into works of art.
You can put candles and central dishes on the canvas, so that even the smallest serving will look elegant and solemn.
The cream-colored velvet short-pile fabric is practical to use.
It is easy to wash and does not absorb odors.
Ideally suited stylistically to a festive table setting.
Choose a tablecloth in a contrasting color or lay Marbella as the main canvas if you want to show the authenticity of the decor.
Specifications: Size: 40 * 140 cm.
Material: polyester.
Color: cream.
Weight: 0.15 kg Package length: 0.43 m.
Package width: 0.15 m.
Package height: 0.02 m.
Package volume: 0.0013 m 3

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