GRAFFITI / Snow scooter, stunt 2in1

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Composition: Metal, plastic;
Materials: metal, plastic;
Packing size: 66cm × 61cm × 11.5cm;
Certificate: ЕАС;
Color: Turquoise, Black;
Age: From 3 years old;
Number of wheels: 2;
Maximum load, kg: 50;
Wheel diameter, mm: 90;
Wheel material: Plastic;
Parent Handle: No;
Backrest: No;
Steering wheel type: Bicycle wheel;
Maximum allowable weight, kg: 50;
Seat: No;
Handlebar height, cm: 82;
Motor: No;
Inertial: No;
Handlebar width, cm: 49;
Features of the scooter: Foot brake;
Platform size: 34 x 10;
Deck material: Aluminum;
Scooter type: Snow scooter;
Handlebar material: Steel Children's snow scooter - a new model for outdoor activities. The design is a scooter frame on which skis are installed. The stunt frame design can handle more weight and more active riding. The front ski is controlled by turning the steering wheel. The wheels can be installed at any time; for this, the kit contains everything you need. The snow scooter is relevant in winter and summer. On wheels you can ride on any flat surfaces in the dry season, in winter - on skis in the snow. Complete set: * scooter; * wheels - 2 pcs.; * skis - 2 pcs.; * fasteners for wheels / skis; * hexagons - 2 pcs.


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