Nika Kids / 2"

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Composition: Metal, plastic, foam rubber, textiles;
Materials: metal, plastic, foam rubber, textiles;
Packing size: 117 cm × 50 cm × 25 cm;
Certificate: EAC;
Age: From 1 year;
Type: Wheelchair sleds;
Reversible handle: Yes;
Seat belt: Yes;
Back position: reclining;
Features of the sled: Bag, Leg cover;
Foldable design: Yes;
Rear wheels: Yes;
Retractable wheelbase: Yes The Nika sledges for children 7–3 are ideal for walking with toddlers from 1 to 4 years old. The attractive design with a cute picture on the case will appeal to both the child and the parents. The design has a backrest adjustable to a prone position, which makes the baby's ride as comfortable as possible. If necessary, you can flip the handle and carry the baby facing you. The model is equipped with large retractable wheels for walking on asphalt and other hard surfaces. The sled is completed with a soft and warm leg cover with reflective edging for child safety in the evening. Main characteristics: * removable mattress with fur trim; * crossover handle; * three-point seat belt; * foot cover; * high folding hood; * observation window; * adjustable footrest; * removable wheels at the back; * steel frame; * warm mittens with fur; * hanging soft toy; * retractable wheelbase; * bag with pockets for useful little things; * transparent awning. Recommended load: up to 25 kg. Dimensions * Length in working position: 119 cm. * Width of the seat: 40 cm. * Width along the runners: 44.5 cm. * Width across the wheels (front): 34 cm. * Width across the wheels (rear): 26 cm. * Width of runners: 2 × 4 cm. * Diameter of large wheels: 12 cm. * Height to handle (on wheels): 112 cm. * Height to handle (on runners): 106.5 cm. * Height to seat (on wheels) ): 36 cm. * Height to seat (on runners): 28.5 cm. * Folded: 117 × 51 × 32 cm.


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